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Stainless steel folding filter element

[SS folding filter element]

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The main filter made by stainless steel wire mesh and stainless steel fiber felt. The stainless steel wire mesh is made of stainless steel wire woven, has a smooth channel, easy to clean, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, the screen will not fall off, the filter cycle is long.

The stainless steel fiber felt is a deep filter and the material is stainless steel fiber after high temperature sintering, the folding wave core has high porosity, food air permeability, assimilative capacity, strong regeneration ability etc.


Product Feature


Large filter area (5--10 times the ordinary cylindrical filter), a wide range of filtering accuracy (1---300um)

Product Feature


Model:ZH-FM-D/L-R       ZH-哲瀚      FM-Folding filter     D-Diameter      L-Length      R-Filter rating






Polymer melt filtration in the production of polyester, filament, short wire and film

High temperature gas


High temperature liquid, viscous liquid filtration


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